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What does the term “IP address” mean?

Posted by admin on May 29, 2012


IP addressTo understand the idea of what an IP address means, you need to understand the idea of the Internet. Actually, the Internet is a worldwide network of computers that are not connected to each other. These computers can connect if they agree to certain rules or protocols that are already defined.

Another important term is the (IP) Internet Protocol address. It basically refers to a number given to each computer that is using the web. This number is always unique. It is called an address, because it has the purpose similar to identifying our houses. It allows each device using the Internet to be easily located using a numerical scheme.

Most users learn about this term choosing an ISP (Internet Service Provider). The ISP may provide either static or dynamic IP addresses to different users. Dynamic IPs change with a change in internet secession, while static IPs always remain as they were assigned. Each ISP has a certain range of addresses.

Each computer gets an assigned dynamic IP address when a user enters a login. The connection may be disabled or deliberately end. When a user logs on again, another address is provided.

The addresses to certain computers at some point can be traced by contacting the ISP that will provide the log records. This is useful most of the time if a computer was used to perform certain actions illegally. The police in this case must have access to the address, name, and any other information related to the customer who was assigned that particular address.

Sites usually monitor visitors through the addresses they use. Identities can be linked to addresses during the registration process and when cookies are used. A cookie is able to tell who is using a computer, even when IP addresses are changed. One drawback is that the user may provide false information when registering. This can slow the process of monitoring.

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